Are you one of the thousands of Australians, both young and old, suffering from an equally large number of debilitating illnesses and health conditions, that could be treated with CBD oil?

If you’re looking to buy CBD oil in Australia, continue reading to learn more about CBD oil and discover where to buy CBD oil in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and the whole of Australia.

What is CBD oil?

CBD is the name of a compound found in the cannabis plant. It is one of numerous compounds found in the controversial plant that are called cannabinoids. Health professionals here in Australia and around the world have been researching the potential medical and therapeutic uses of CBD oil for many years and the results so far are extremely promising.

CBD is not psychoactive. What this means that it does not change the state of mind of the person who uses it (you won’t get “high” from ingesting CBD oil. However, it does appear to produce significant changes in the body, and it may have both short and long-term medical benefits for patients suffering from a range of health issues.

Benefits of CBD oil treatment

  • Natural relief of pain & inflammation

Among the most common CBD oil benefits, natural pain relief tops the list for the majority of medical marijuana patients, particularly older Australians suffering from arthritis, multiple sclerosis and many other . Evidence suggests that cannabinoids may prove useful in pain modulation by inhibiting neuronal transmission in pain pathways.

  • Antipsychotic Effects

Research shows that CBD oil benefits include producing antipsychotic effects. It appears to have a pharmacological profile similar to that of atypical antipsychotic drugs.

  • Reduces Anxiety

Cannabidiol has shown to reduce anxiety in patients with social anxiety disorder and researchers suggest that it may also be effective for panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, social anxiety disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder.

  • Relieves Nausea

Cannabis has been used for centuries for the suppression of nausea and vomiting. Research has revealed that among more than 80 cannabinoid compounds found in marijuana, both the intoxicant THC and the non-intoxicant CBD helps to get rid of nausea and vomiting.

Where to buy CBD oil in Australia

If you are looking to treat any of the aforementioned medical conditions with CBD oil, feel free to browse our comprehensive list of Australian doctors and cannabis clinics that prescribe cannabidiol and medical cannabis products for patients in Australia.